What’s a Business For? Reading

What’s a Business For?

In the beginning of the article, “What’s a Business For?,” it talks about businesses, company’s, or corporations making lots of money for the board of directors or investors, which ever you want to call them.  Every decision made in the company is for the benefit of the boards of directors to make lots and lots of money.  If we do not have virtue and integrity then we too will fall into the same trap.  WE need to be taking care of our employees to allow them to be creative and use their intuitive side.  They are happier when doing this and invent some outrageous products for the people.  If we are not inventing for the progression as a people what are we doing?  Progression moves everyone forward in life.  Charles Handy said, “stock market capitalism, the criterion of success is shareholder value, as expressed by a company’s share price. I think we should go back to creating new products, spreading technology, and raising productivity, enhancing quality and improving service, business has always been the active agent of progress.

I feel strongly that companies who are making money off of other people should give back to the community.  Good will lasts for decades and even generations to come.  I have been an employee most of my life.  In my business ventures I want to be able to give back, have time paid forward and serve others with my time.  This is not for everyone, but still the same everyone should be serving others.  Rescuing the poor and faint in heart need our help for we have been helped ourselves in our own times of need small and great.  When rescued we have hope, love, faith, and charity in our hearts.


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