Dream Big Dreams Today

This week readings were outstanding.  Marissa Mayer, Google “License to Pursue Dreams was very eye opening to me.  I loved how they are thinking outside the box.  The 20 percent of an employee’s time being used for creative projects is phenomenal.  I have been an employee for decades and have always felt I was being stifled in my growth in my creativity.  I can see how this would make Google such a mover and a shaker in innovation.

The Challenge to Become by Dallin H. Oaks made such sense I wonder why I did not think this way before.  Know or Become are two totally different lives.  I become what I think, read, do, watch and so I shall become.  If I am doing good I become good, if I do evil I become evil.  Charity is not something we do it is something we become.  How nice to become charity, what a blessing this is to oneself and to others.

Think Big by Taylor Richards talking about how his company was successful because of the team they chose and the work the team did and it surprised him to be ranked # 11 then #6 in the boating industry.  Very important was the fact that he believed that if you involve the lord, you can do the impossible, and you can do amazing things you can do Great things.  Amazingly, it is not any harder to be great than to be good.  Why not be great!

Your Emotional Fingerprint by Jim Ritchie was outstanding.  He talks about a man named Woody Woodward and his book “Your Emotional Finger Prints, 7 secrets that will Transform Your Life.”  I have ordered this book.  Emotional fingerprints makes sense that I can learn more about myself and then change the way I respond.






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