Leadership Yes or No?

Launching Leaders with Jim Ritchie, video was about True Leaders. Captain Moroni was a military leader who inspired the people to prepare.  Moroni stood for TRUTH.  Jim Ritchie spoke of other great leaders throughout time, but he said two things that were outstanding, 1- Great leaders STAND up for or against important issues, 2- Great leaders Sacrifice themselves for the Great Cause.

Jim Ritchie in Good to Great video talked about Jim Collins book “Good to Great.”  Book to Great talks about by so many people and companies are good but not great.  Out of a study of 11 hundred companies they found only 11 to be great and why.  To be a great company you had to possess three things, 1- Good is the enemy of Great people who become comfortable in the zone of Good, so they never move on to Great, but you never know happiness. 2- They had the right people on the bus and then decided where to use them.  3-To become a great company you had to possess these three characteristics: 1a Great Product, 2a Believe you’re the best, 3a Passion for your product and this allows the company to become GREAT.

Leadership with a Small “L” by President Kim B. Clark spoke at the Brigham Young University – Idaho Commencement about being in leadership with a small “L” – the kind of leadership that builds and lifts and inspires through kindness and love and unselfish devotion to the Lord and His work.  Follow these three Principles: 1- Lead by Example, 2- Lead with Vision, 3- Lead with Love.

My favorite reading this week was “A Message to Garcia, Will You Deliver It?”  In 1899 President McKinley need to deliver an urgent message to General Garcia, the leader of the insurgents in America’s war against Spain.  But Garcia was lost somewhere deep inside the mountain vastness of Cuba.  A man named Rowen was suggested for the deliver for if anyone could do it it was Rowen.  Rowen took the message and was dropped in the jungle and made his way through the other side of the island in 3 weeks movng through hostile country on foot and delivers the message.  Executing is the most important thing you can do which is far better than education or talent.  Rowen was able to plan and then execute.  Can you do your job the same way?  Do you do your job when the boss is gone?  Do you do your work before visiting at the watering hole?  Our greatest challenges come from within, what a great quote.  WE all have voices in our head that is telling us NO we cant do that, you are not smart enough, no one will support you and many more sayings.  You can blame anyone for your short comings, but ultimately we are responsible for our choices.  Developing the Right Attitudes, Habits and Instincts by1.  Accept the mission and get started 2. Be curious 3. Immediately sketch out a plan, If the objective seems overwhelming or you are unsure of where to start, break down using the (VSPT) framework which stands for Vision, Strategies, Projects, Tactics 4.  If you need resources, don’t be afraid to ask 5. Enlist help when needed 6. Report back and show your work 7. Under-promise and over-deliver 8. Expect to make (small) mistakes 9. Put results before schmoozing 10. Replace the voices in your head with positive action.  There is more to this article, READ IT.


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