Mastery was a great book with knowledge in helping us to understand in life how to move forward if we want or not.

Mastery, what is it?  Mastery brings rich rewards, not a goal, not a destination but, a process, a journey. I know this sounds easy, but it is not.  For if it was as easy as it sounds, we would all be masters of anything we do in life.  When we want to learn anything we have set or minds to all the sudden we seem to practice and practice. There are three different kinds of people who take the journey, 1- The Dabbler, 2- The Obsessive, and 3- The Hacker. The titles make it easy to understand the three types. But let me explain anyways.  The Dabbler approaches the new journey with enormous enthusiasm, the dabbler lover the honeymoon.  The Obsessive is a bottom liner and does not settle for second best.  Lastly, The Hacker starts to get the hang of it and does not mind skipping stages of essential learning.  So, we can master many different areas in life, but we must make sure they are productive and healthy otherwise we are just wasting our time.

There are Five Master Keys

Key 1 – Instruction, we can instruction from many places, books, movies, magazines, tapes, films, computers, group instruction, counselors, business associates and soforth. In search of a great instructor one must look at different aspects of the instructor, but the one I loved learning about the most was “Instruction demands a certain humility; at best, the teacher takes delight in being surpassed by his or her students.

Key 2 – Practice, “Don’t tell me now you are going to sell the ad, just sell it.”  Secretly cherish the ups and downs, happy and sad, easy and hard games no matter who wins.  There is another secret which is love what you do and you get better just because you love doing it.

Key 3 – Surrender, “Courage of a mastery is measure by his/her Willingness to Surrender.”  In Karate Kid he listens and follows instruction from Mr. Miyagi, after a while the kid feels like his slave.  The kids is washing, waxing, and cleaning the widows a certain way.  He paints the fence a certain way, he sands the walk ways a certain way.   While the kid has surrendered to Mr. Miyagis chore list before he will help the kid, he is already trained when he finishes the chores.  The kid surrendered and was surprised to be tested and know what he was doing with little instruction afterwards.

Key 4- Intentionally, you have to plan ahead and see yourself winning, fixing something successfully, or making that swing better than anyone else.  Viseo-motor behavior rehearsal (VMBR) combines exercises in deep relaxation with vivid mental imaging of the skill to be learned.  Whether you actually swing and hit the ball for a homerun or visualize it in your mind, see yourself swinging, hitting, and running, the mind does not know the difference.

Key 5 – The Edge, people do not run to lose weight but to loosen the chains of a mechanized culture.  In other words not to postpone death but to savor life.  People who practice the edge are always pushing the envelope.

My favorite part of all the book, and believe me I marked, underlined, highlighted a lot of the book for it was that great, was talking about homeostasis.  It gave a great example of this in a story about a father who was an alcoholic.  First let me explain that the problem is, homeostasis works to keep everything running normally, even if they are not running great.  So, a homeostatic alarm signal – whatever it may be in r=lights flashing, bells ringing.  WARNING! WARNING! Significant changes in respiration, heart rate, or metabolism.  Your body is telling you to STOP whatever you are doing IMMEDIATELY.  Let me explain it in the story the book told it in.

Let’s start with the story of the alcoholic father.  The family of five with a father who does his binge drinking every six to eight weeks.  While the father is binge drinking and several days afterwards the entire family is in chaos and or an uproar.  It is the same chaos every time the father does his binge drinking and the family is use to the pattern and everyone responds the same for they are responding in the same patterns every binge.  The father stops drinking and becomes stable.  Within a few short months someone else will step up and do something so the family can feel what they thought was normal, and it is when you experience something over and over again. But his son is now dealing drugs, so the family can feel the same sense of normalcy from when the father was binge drinking.

The best earning of all involves learning how to learn – that is to CHANGE.  There is much more, but my talk was only for 5 minutes.   Get the book, it will change your life.

Guy Kawasaki talked about passion and loving what you do.  Guy talks about money is not all that it is cracked up to be.  If we want to be successful then we should want to change the world for the better and money will follow.  But some want the money and do not get it or they do get it and it does not give one satisfaction.


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