I loved reading about integrity and how it affects everyone involved.  Everywhere I have worked I could see the lack of integrity in my co-workers, my boss, and my boss’ boss and so on.  I know when I have seen something wrong happen I have stood up and said it was wrong, I addressed it with my boss and expected to see it dealt with and the issue taken care of in a timely manner.  This has not been the case, I pondered it and talked to others who have seen the same things.  We have all agreed that they have no integrity.  In a video it talks about when you start a new job at a company that you can tell quickly if the people or company has or has not integrity.  In a company where there is integrity you will have happier employees, more work being accomplished.  In a company without integrity the employees are unhappy, talk bad about each other, no real friends, back stabbing happening, the company can lose money because of the separation going on and NOT being a team player.  I am working to get my degree, so I can be a great employer and a company where all will function with integrity.


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