Childhood Dreams

Childhood Dreams

I believe Randy Pausch was able to achieve his childhood dreams for he had dreams as a child, his parents did not stunt his belief system and allowed him to be king of his kingdom in his bedroom.  He continued working on those dreams which kept him being true to himself and what he wanted to achieve in life.  I think most kids are told to grow up and get a real job, become a productive person in society.  If you don’t do this or that then society looked at you differently and assumed that you would not really become someone great.

Dreaming is important for it allows you to work on your passions and desires of what you want out of life.  How you are going to obtain what you want in life.  Today is a different world than it was 50 years ago.  I am an older women, but I am working on the dreams that I wanted when I was younger.

One of my childhood dreams was to own my own company, to hire my family to work in the company and to build strong relationships.  Things happened in my life that changed my course drastically.  I had a Dad who was still in school when he died at 83 years old.  He went to school my entire life.  I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks if he is willing.  I am a sponge for knowledge.  Today my dream is to start my own emergency preparedness business, have my daughters and grand-kids work for me. Then help them start their own business which will allow my business to purchase what I need from their company’s.  By being in school for 4 years now I can see my dreams starting to take hold.  I will be in school to the day I die.


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