The Break Out

The Break Out

My first ever blog, blogg, blogge, LOL-So glad I can laugh at myself.

I have had many of my own start up businesses and I never was able to make a go of it.  I asked myself “Why” over and over.  I felt as though I was a failure.  This is my first week of this semester in my class Introduction to Entrepreneurship, and did I learn a lot.

1st – I learned in the reading of “What is the Introduction to Entrepreneurship Course?”by afee Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence.  I read about The Four Goals, which are, 1- To discover an entrepreneurial “calling,” the startup of you. 2- To choose constructive habits and to deeply etch them onto your character. 3- To select your next “steppingstone” job or begin your entrepreneur career.  4- To Embrace Disciple Leadership by examining “The Ministry of Business.”

I learned four steps to help me be successful.  1-Discovering what type of business I want to own.  2- Choose habits that are positive and can be etched in me to the core of my being.  3- Choose the next step to help me continue my education of knowledge.  4 – Leadership with a small l, so I can be an example by what I do and not what my title is.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to have read this article and starting a new path in live with such wisdom.

In the next article I read “Living Life as an Entrepreneurial Hero” by Jeff Sanderfer of by afee Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence.  I have always thought this to be true “Pursue the type of business in which it comes easy or it just comes natural to me.  I also believe if you love what you are doing, it will not be a job, nor a burden.

Executive summary of the start-up of YOU by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha.  I learned that having a network is a great asset to you and your business. Being able to access so many minds which is called “network intelligence.”  I believe there is a quote or saying about 2 heads are better than one.”

A video by Buy Kawasaki – Garage Technology Ventures. What I learned from his video was to study and do what you love.  I know that I want to start a business in Emergency Preparedness, I love it, I never get tired of it, I teach it too.

I think I have written too much and need to learn how to be more specific with less words.  Which will be a challenge for me.  Everything I learning at BYU-I is priceless.


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